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June 5, 2006

Posted by ronodenmedia in In the Media.

Candidate for State Assembly: Ron Oden
Tuesday, June 6th is Election Day and here in the Desert, the Democratic race for the 80th District seat in the State Assembly is heating up. Tonight, we have team election coverage with profiles of both candidates.By Rebecca Seed
NewsChannel 3

Palm Springs Mayor Ron Oden says Sacramento needs someone who has firsthand experience in local government and that's why he's running for State Assembly.

"I think its important to have people there with an awareness and understanding of how local government works and I can carry that."

But the issues that Oden would face if he makes it past Tuesday's election and wins the seat in November are far greater than those that he deals with as mayor of Palm Springs.

Oden says the Salton Sea is one of the biggest issues and he supports a plan created by the Salton Sea Authority.

"It has a better health plan, it involves economic opportunities for the people that live there, it focuses on tourism and revitalizing the sea."

The 80th Assembly District extends all the way from Riverside County to the Mexico border and immigration is a big issue here.

"The fact is, they are a part of the system of our operation, and we can't pretend that they're not here. I just believe that, whatever plan that we adopt, it needs to be humanitarian based and it needs to allow people the opportunity to become citizens."

But before Oden has a chance to face these issues head on, he has to face Democratic opponent Steve Clute on Tuesday. Oden says he has the experience to win.

"I am currently elected and I am current on the issues that we are dealing with in the Coachella Valley. I'm now current on the issues in Imperial Valley as well."

Mayor Oden says he has the upper hand in Tuesday's election because he's already an elected official. The real challenge will come in November. If he wins on Tuesday, he'll face incumbent Bonnie Garcia.


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