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Ron Oden Bio

Elected Positions:
–  Council member, City of Palm Springs (Elected 1995)
–  Mayor, City of Palm Springs (Elected 2003)

Personal Accomplishments:
Mayor Ron Oden has a long history of community & political involvement, as well as a personal commitment to improving the lives of those with whom he comes in contact. Having served as a Council member for 8 years and currently as Mayor of Palm Springs, Mr. Oden’s experiences have allowed him to lead and nurture the city he loves so dearly.

Mayor Oden’s private sector experience has centered on education and social issues. He has worked with Desert Career College, College of the Desert, Chapman University and he has served as Pastoral Care Consultant at the Betty Ford Center.

As an avid student, Mayor Oden’s studies focused on family life and counseling. He holds a B.A. in History, Sociology, and Theology and M.A.’s in Theology and Ethics studies with post-graduate courses in marriage, family and child counseling.

As a community leader, Mayor Oden’s involvement includes work with a wide variety of communities and groups; the following is a partial list:

– Board member Coachella Valley Association of Governments
– Member of Riverside County Transportation Commission
– Sunline Transit Board member
– Palm Springs Desert Resort Convention & Visitor Authority
– Palm Springs Human Rights Task Force & Human Rights Commission  
  (former Chairperson)
– United Way of the Desert (Board of Directors)
– Riverside County Community Action Commission
– Shelter from the Storm (Board of Directors)
– N.A.A.C.P. (Political Action Coordinator)
– Education Alert Committee of the Coachella Valley
– Coachella Valley Counseling (Board of Directors)
– African-American Student Association of College of the Desert
– Negro Academic Scholarship Fund Mentor Program
– Palm Springs High School African-American Advisory Committee
– College of the Desert Faculty and Staff Diversity Task Force
– Desert Sun Futurist Panelist
– Palm Springs Unified School District Intergroup Relations Committee
– Community Care Council
– Inland Empire Lenders Community Development Corporation (Board of  
  Directors) and a member of various valley chambers of commerce.

Mayor Oden is a driven and compassionate leader with a penchant for nurturing and consensus building, balanced with a comprehensive understanding of government and the political process.


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