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Spotlight on Bill Hodge

MAPA June 2, 2006 – Calexico, California

“Spotlight on Bill Hodge”

Bill Hodge
(more photos below)

1992 was a very good year for the citizens of Calexico. That’s when Bill Hodge moved to town from Los Angeles. The Ron Oden Campaign (www.odenforassembly.com) met him at the MAPA (MAPA.org) “Rock The Vote” rally. He is:

A Social Science teacher at Calexico High School

Vice President of ACT (Teachers’ Union)

Chairperson of the Calexico Arts Commission

Founder of a local Theater Group

Vice President of MAPA

Bill is not just active himself, but also teaches and inspires his students. He sends his students out into the community twice each semester – to city council meetings, arts and other commission meetings, political events, among others, to experience firsthand community involvement. The students then write a report that counts as a portion of their final grade in the class.

Hats off to Bill from Ron Oden who, as an educator and a man dedicated to a quality education for all, is pleased to know someone who is an asset to his community, an activist who teaches through example and real life experience. (to contact Bill Hodge: www.calexico.ca.gov


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